Thursday, September 25, 2008

Build & Burn

Yesterday I went out to the record store and picked up "Build & Burn" by The Loved Ones. I have known about The Loved Ones for a while but never managed to buy any of their albums for reasons unknown. There is this website that can be found here that has some really great acoustic and live sets from The Bouncing Souls, Face To Face and The Loved Ones. On that site I was watching The Loved Ones play an acoustic set and was really impressed with their performance so I decided to pick up their most recent full length album. You really should check out those performances, you wont be sorry. One of the videos can be seen at the bottom of the post.

The Loved Ones play a style of music that is different than most bands on Fat Wreck Chord. Their brand of punk is very melodic and has a very "punk and roll" feel to it. They have often been compared to other bands such as Hot Water Music, The Gaslight Anthem and Against Me.

I'm sure glad that I decided to pick up "Build & Burn" because every song on the album is amazing. My only complaint is that it only has ten tracks on it and leaves me wanting more. The lyrics on the album are top notch and the melodies are outstanding. One of my favorites on the album is "My Silent Masquerade" which is a ballad that is accompanied by a piano. Don't worry, the piano fits in nicely with the music and it sounds really awesome. The single off of the album is "The Bridge" and its also one of the standout songs on the CD. This album has been one of my best music purchases in long time and in a perfect world, everyone would own this album.

The Loved Ones- The Bridge (MP3)
From the album Build & Burn (

The Loved Ones- Sarah's Game (MP3)
From the album Build & Burn (

The Loved Ones- Selfish Masquerade (Acoustic)

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