Saturday, September 20, 2008

Stories & Alibis

Yesterday I was rummaging through my CD collection and I came across "Stories and Alibis" by Matchbook Romance. I handn't listened to this album in years and when I started listening to it again I remembered how much I liked the record. I never really got into the emo scene but "Stories and Alibis" captured my attention by the catchy melidic hooks found all throughout the album. This is the only CD that I own from Matchbook Romance and I havent followed them since this release. From what I understand, they are currently on an indefinate hiatus after they released one more album entitled "Voices." Overall, this is a really great album and would definatly be worth checking out if you are a fan of emo or melodic punk.

Matchbook Romance- Promise (MP3)
From the album "Stories and Alibis" (

Matchbook Romance- Lovers & Liars
From the album "Stories and Alibis" (


Skawaii said...

Stores & Alibis is an excellent CD. I've worn my copy out so much that I had to resurface it. Like you said, great catchy songs.

Voices is also a good album, but different. A lot less "catchy/melodic" and a bit darker in its feel.

If you like Stories & Alibis, you should check out their EP that came out before it, West for Wishing. Four of the songs on there are new and they're on excellent.

Crooks said...

Skawaii: Yea, I actually forgot all about "West For Wishing" but I do own that EP as well. I think that I like the version of "The Greatest fall Of All Time" better on that EP than on the Stories & Alibis. "Save Yourself" is also one of my favorites off of that EP.