Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fake Problems: How Far Our Bodies Go

SideOneDummy has to be one of my favorite record labels because of their great lineup of bands that consistently produce quality material. So when I recently heard that they had signed Fake Problems, I had to check them out considering I hadn’t heard of them previously.

Fake Problems is an indie/folk/punk band from Naples Florida. It’s kind of hard to pinpoint their exact sound but they can accurately be compared to Against Me!, a band that they have opened for on numerous occasions. With that said, don’t get the false impression that these guys don’t have their own distinct sound. They incorporate many different instruments and musical styles in their songs that gives them their own identity and that separates themselves from other bands in the same genre.

To become familiar with Fake Problems I decided to listen to their debut album, How Far Our Bodies Go. I was very impresses with the album as a whole and I found it to be quite an enjoyable listen. The album has a very chaotic sound that all seems to come together to create something wonderful. The lead singer of the band has a very distinct sounding voice that is both harsh sounding and melodic at the same time.

The single off of the album, Born & Raised, is one of the best songs on the album and it perfectly sums up the bands style in approximately two minutes. Maestro of this Rebellious Symphony is one of the more raucous songs that also adds a southern flair into the mix. There is a lot of variety to be found on the album and I think that it is the evidence of the bands wide variety of influences in various genres of music. In talking about the bands influences, the frontman of Fake Problems said: "I'm definitely influenced by my musical surroundings, so there was never any decision to make 'this' or 'that' kind of song".

It is a really fun experience to listen to the album from start to finish and it will be an album that you won’t quickly forget after hearing it. If you're still not sold on how good Fake Problems is, their whole album can be streamed off of their website. I definitely recommend giving these guys a listen and I bet you will end up liking them as much as I do. Be on the lookout for their new album “It’s Great to be Alive” that comes out on February 17th.

Fake Problems- Born & Raised
How Far Our Bodies Go (iTunes)

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