Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Loved Ones: Distractions

The Loved Ones new EP Distractions was released today. The EP contains three previously unreleased originals and three covers. The EP is nothing short of amazing. These guys continue to impress me with the quality of material that they release. They perfectly bridge the genre gap between punk rock and straight up rock and roll.

The three new originals are hard hitting songs and their sound continues to develop and improve upon their previous material. I was a little disappointed that there were not more originals on the EP but I guess that gives us something to look forward to when their next full length is released.

With that said, don’t get the impression that the three covers are something to be looked over. There is a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s Johnny 99, Billy Bragg’s Lover’s Town Revisited, and Joe Stummer’s Coma Girl. These are really good covers and the band truly made them their own.

The Loved Ones are one of the best bands out there and this EP should be owned by anyone and everyone who is a fan of rock music.

The Loved Ones- Distracted
Distractions (iTunes)

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a Tart said...

A-fucking-Men on this one! I lost track of time and missed the opening day of this EP, but was looking forward to it. Nice review, I'm happy to find someone as into The Loved Ones as much as me, xoxox