Saturday, March 7, 2009

Something To Do: I Command You To Dance

It’s always exciting when I discover a band that really catches my attention and that’s exactly what happened to me this week when I found out about Something to Do (S2D). S2D is a ska/punk band from Wisconsin and they have had my foot tapping to their latest album since I got a hold of it earlier this week.

The album is called I command You To Dance, a title that stays true to its name from start to finish. There is some really great music to be found on the album and it’s a really fun listen all the way through. The thing that I love about the band is that they seem to have taken cues from some of the great ska bands of our time and incorporated those elements into their own sound.

Two of my favorite tracks off of the album are Robbed a Bank, and Leave Me Alone. Robbed a bank is a song that starts off with a relaxing ska beat which carries over into the verse and then it goes into overdrive when the chorus starts. Leave Me Alone is one of the harder songs on the album. It has the guitars plugged in with full distortion, breakneck drumming, and horns blazing.

While I don’t necessarily think that I Command You To Dance is the most groundbreaking ska album that I have ever heard, its certainly worth listening to for any fan of the genre. Pick up a copy and support the band!

Something To Do- Let's Not Pretend
I Command You To Dance (iTunes)

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Joe said...

Nice! Please keep posting about any ska stuff you come across, because nobody else is.