Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rocket To Riot City

I recently found out about the band Bankrupt, the finest punk rock band to come out of Budapest Hungary. They have been a band for roughly twelve years playing their own brand of melodic punk in the wake of bands such as the Ramones and the Descendants. Over the course of their career they have toured all over the world while releasing three full length albums and they have recently put out a new EP entitled “Rocket to Riot City.” Since I bought this EP a couple days ago it has been playing nonstop on my computer. The thing I love most about Bankrupt is their early 90’s melodic punk sound that has been revved up and enhanced for the 21’s century. “Rocket to Riot City” contains five impressive tracks that are fast and catchy, the way punk is meant to be played. Their song "Sidewinder” has been playing on repeat in my mind since the first time I heard it and as you can guess its one of my favorites off the EP. The lyrics on the EP range from the political turmoil of their native country to the corruptness of the music industry and to their experiences on the road while they tour. Any fan of melodic punk rock should definitely grab a copy of “Rocket to Riot City.” Follow the links at the bottom to buy your copy and visit their Myspace page or website for more information about Bankrupt.

Bankrupt- Sidewinder (MP3)
From the EP "Rocket To Riot City" (Amazon.com/itunes)

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