Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Late last month I picked up the new Less Than Jake CD and after having the chance to listen to it for a few weeks now, I have really been impressed with the album as a whole. The CD is called "GNV FLA", a title that pays homage to their stomping grounds in Gainsville Florida. This is Less Than Jake's seventh full length album and they are sounding as good as they ever have in the course of their 16 years of being a band. Many people, including myself, were a bit disappointed with their previous release "In With The Out Crowd" because it seemed as if the band was just going through the motions and the CD was lacking in the horn department, which is usually characteristic of the ska/punk style that LTJ is known for. GNV FLA pulls out all of the stops with horns blazing and all the catchy hooks that makes this band so awsome to listen to. The sound to this album resembles that of the "Hello Rockview" era of LTJ with a lot better production and a cleaner recording. Some of the more notable songs on the album are "Does the Lion City Still Roar" and "The Space They Can't Touch", songs that are sure to be instant fan favorites because of their classic LTJ style. The CD is a coming back to form for a great band and proves that Johnny Quest is wrong, they are not sellouts. I would recommend picking up a copy as soon as possible, its only $7.99 on iTunes and might possibly be the best eight bucks you have ever spent on music.

Less Than Jake- Does The Lion City Still Roar
From the album "GNV FLA" (

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