Friday, August 8, 2008

Bedouin Soundclash

Whenever I want to listen to something different and unique, I adjust my speakers to Bedouin Soundclash. They are a band that explore many different styles of music ranging from reggae, funk, soul, ska and punk. I have never listened to a band quite like these guys which makes them so fun to listen to. They have three full length albums that they have released and they are currently signed onto Sideonedummy Records. All the members of the band are from Ontario Canada which is interesting because their name and style of music often makes you think that they are from the islands. These guys are extremely talented and their songs are very well put together. You kinda have to listen to them to understand just what kind of band they are. If your interested in switching up your playlist, give these guys a spin on your CD player. Some of my favorite songs by them include: "Music my Rock," "Walls Fall Down," "St. Andrews," and "Shadow of a Man." Go to their Myspace page to listen to some more of their songs, give it a chance and I bet you will end up loving these guys.

Bedouin Soundclash- St. Andrews

Bedouin Soundclash- Shelter
From the album "Sounding A Mosaic" (

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