Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Slick Shoes

I was pretty disappointed when I heard a while back that the Slick Shoes had disbanded and on an indefinite hiatus. That was back in 2007, 15 months later they announced that they had officially gotten back together to start touring again and eventually put out some more records. Apparently they needed a break from Slick Shoes for a while to pursue their side project "Sigmund" which was an alternative rock band that was made up of current and former members of Slick Shoes. I personally thought that "Sigmund" was awful and I'm glad that they finally decided to start Slick Shoes up again. I have been checking their website often and I haven't heard a recent update but I hope these guys put out a record soon. Slick Shoes originally formed in 1994 playing catchy pop-punk tunes with christian themed lyrics. I really like the Slick Shoes and was most impressed by their last album "Far From Nowhere," one of the fastest albums that I own. One thing that makes this CD stand out from the rest is the insane guitar riffs that are to be enjoyed on a number of the tracks. If you can get past Ryan Kepke's sometimes whiny voice, there is really some good music to be found here that borders on the line of punk and speed metal. Check out that record and their other releases. Hopefully we can hear some new material soon!

Slick Shoes- Darko (MP3)
From the album "Far From Nowere" (Amazon.com)

Slick Shoes- Angel (MP3)
From the album "Wake Up Screaming" (Amazon.com)

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