Saturday, September 6, 2008

Strung Out

Strung Out is a band that will completely melt your face off. They play a style of punk rock that is extremely fast and infused with heavy metal, complete with insane guitar riffs and no shortage of double bass petal on the drums. No one can blame these guys for not being musically talented, their guitar players can shred with the best of any out there. They have been a band for a while, since 1992, and have seven full length albums released on Fat Wreck Chords. I had a chance to see these guys live a couple months ago in Salt Lake and I was completely blown away. The band puts on a killer live show and they sound just as tight as they do on any of their albums. One of my good friends got me listening to these guys and he would always make the statement that "their music sounds so beautiful." At the time I thought that was a weird comment but after listening to their albums for a while, I know exactly what he was talking about. There is just something about Strung Out that is so soothing. I think its the combination of the lead singers voice and the insane riffs that draws people into such conclusions as my friend and now myself. This is definitely evident on the album "Exile in Oblivion," one of my favorite albums. Anyways, listen to some of the stuff this band has put out, I promise that you wont be disappointed. If you already love this band then props to you for your excellent choice of music!

Strung Out- Calling(MP3)
From the album "Blackhawks Over Los Angeles" (

Strung Out- Analog (MP3)
From the album "Exile In Oblivion" (

Strung Out- Alien Amplifier(MP3)
From the album "An American Paradox" (

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