Thursday, September 4, 2008


The music video for the third single off of MxPx's latest CD "Secret Weapon" was released today. The song is called "Contention" and its an interesting pick for probably the last single off of the record. While most bands usually pick the more radio friendly songs as their singles so that they can appeal to a wide variety of audiences, Contention is a straight up punk song that would only appeal to fans of the genre. It is definitely one of the harder songs off of their album and ranks up there with previous hardcore songs that they have done such as "Fist vs. Tact" and "Get Me Out." I think its obvious that MxPx is doing everything that they can to reestablish themselves as one of the main contenders in the punk scene after what some would call, but not me, disappointing releases such as "Before Everything and After." the reason I say that is because all three singles off of Secret Weapon have been hard hitting songs that do not apologize for their punk attitude. The Contention video is good and while I don't think its nearly their best, its definitely a nice addition to all the MxPx videos put out over the years. The video deals with themes of war and the contention, go figure, going on in the world today. Its a really short song and the video is over before you even know it. Check out the video below and go grab "Secret Weapon" if you haven't already!

MxPx- Contention (MP3)
From the Album "Secret Weapon" (

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