Thursday, September 11, 2008

True Believer

One of the best punk albums to be released in the eight short years of 21st century would have to be "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" by The Bouncing Souls. The Bouncing Souls have been around for about 19 years playing their brand of light hearted melodic punk music. Members of the band got together in high school to jam together but their career didn't take off until 1991 when they moved to Brunswick, NJ. There is something about the Souls that gets me in a good mood no matter what life situation come my way. "How I Spend My Summer Vacation" was released in 2001 and contains some of my favorite songs that this band has released. My favorite would have to be "Gone," a song about how music has the power of clearing darkness from our lives and replacing that darkness with the light of hope. Another classic is "True Believers" which is a brotherhood anthem that discusses a lifestyle and a faith that doesn't fade with time. I am a huge fan of the Bouncing Souls and consider them a very influential band in my life. A lot of people say that punk music is dead and left in the 1990's but the Souls are one of the few bands that are keeping the scene alive. I would also recommend their other later releases "Anchors Away" and "The Gold Record," I swear these guys keep getting better and better with every release. What are some of the bands that pick you up when your down?

The Bouncing Souls- Gone

The Bouncing Souls- True Believers (MP3)
From the album "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" (


db said...

jesus christ, 21 years?? I remember seeing them play in someone's basement in college. it's bands like this who stay together forever that let me delude myself that I'm not old, until someone does the math and reveals to me that I am. thanks dude.

Crooks said...

Yea, Its crazy how long these guys have been playing music. It's a rare thing for bands to stick around for that long. In fact, im pretty sure that their immortal. Thanks for reading!