Saturday, August 2, 2008

Chuck Ragan

Chuck Ragan, the guitarist and vocals behind the punk-hardcore band "Hot Water Music" launched his solo career last year recording acoustic folk songs. It's been kind of interesting to see guys from some of my favorite punk bands start to branch off and explore other musical genres as they get older. His first full length album "Feast or Famine" was released in early 2007 and it continues to amaze me with the musicianship that Chuck Ragan exhibits in his songs. He sings with so much heart and passion which is something rare and hard to find in music these days. The lyrics are also really well written as they explore themes varying from religion, politics and relationships. There are a number of instruments being played throughout the record including the guitar, harmonica, banjo, violin and organ. All of the various instruments make the album more interesting to listen to and give the songs a more substantial feel to them. Punk influences can definitely be heard in some of his songs, the most notable being "The Grove" which has has more of a punk attitude and features chanting vocals in the background. The more impressive songs on the album are "For Broken Ears" and "Do You Pray" which are traditional American folk songs that have thoughtful lyrics and catchy melodies. Throughout his career, Chuck Ragan has established himself as one of the premiere underground singer/songwriters of this generation and this solo project just goes to prove the fact. Go get this CD and check out some of his other songs on his website including "Loz Feliz," his live CD.

Chuck Ragan- Do You Pray (Live)

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